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The Imo state Governor, Hope Uzodimma held the first caucus meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Imo State as convened by the State chairman of the party Prince M. O. Nlemigbo.

Briefing fellow party men and women, Gov. Uzodimma spoke on the governance and current state of affairs in the State and how the Shared Prosperity Government carried on from day 1 – the challenges that were met on ground and efforts at tackling them.

Governor Hope Uzodimma met a defaced Imo State, all roads begging for attention with an already signed road contract of N45 Billion of an advance payment of 10% by the past Administration that awarded the road contracts with so many illegalities as complained by the contractors and no one on ground in Government to handover documents properly.

Gov. Uzodimma further briefed his party caucus members on how he swung into action, quickly assessing the situation of the state as Imo State was on threat of flood and Erosion: determined the road contracts and today,

1.) Douglas road.

2.) Oparanozie/Edede/Amaigbo street roads.

3.) Thomas More, JP Ajaelu & Gozie Nwachukwu road.

4.) Assumpta – Owerri/Port Harcourt road/Ibari Ogwa.(4.5km dual carriage way, completed)

5.) Archdeacon Dennis road, Aladinma.

6.) Lake Nwaebere – Aladinma Ring Roads have been Commissioned with many others near completion.

“The State Civil service and Pension Scheme was rot in corruption, begging for attention and sanitization.” Gov. Uzodimma stated. He further exposed the corruption in the system and happily announced that Shared Prosperity Government is able to save more than N1 billion from the Sanitation of the civil service and Pension Scheme as workers and Pensioners money automatically drop into their accounts.

The chairman of Imo APC, Prince M.O. Nlemigbo touched on the very key situations the ruling party members found themselves in the State, the challenges and conceived solutions.

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