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The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has directed the executives of all the markets in the state to ensure the cleanliness of their surroundings to avoid outbreak of epidemic.
To this effect, each market is required to set up a sanitary unit to ensure compliance.
The Commissioner in charge of the Ministry Chief Dominic Mgbeanulu gave the directive while addressing traders at Orie Onu-mmiri market Amakohia in Owerri North Local Government Area during this month’s clean up exercise.
Chief Mgbeanulu who visited the market in company of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry Dr. Irene Chima could not withstand the offensive odour emanating from the heaps of wastes generated from the market.
He advised the traders to always keep their environment clean to avoid communicable diseases.
The Commissioner said henceforth any market that failed to comply with the directive, its officials would be sanctioned.
Chief Mgbeanulu stressed the need for personal hygiene and clean environment.
He also advised traders to do the little they could and leave the rest to the government, adding that they should not always, expect the government to do everything.
After monitoring the exercise, the commissioner expressed appreciation as there was no much vehicular and pedestrian movement within the three hours exercise.
People were seen cleaning their environment and evacuating wastes.
At the Sanitation Mobile Court Seating in Owerri His worship Nkeiru Nwauwa also commended the high level of turnout of people but said much still needed to be done.


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