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Russia is calling for changes to a UN resolution for a ceasefire in Syria amid growing outrage over government bombardment of a rebel area.
Russia’s UN ambassador called for “feasible” not “populist” action.
But Western diplomats accuse Russia of stalling for time in the Security Council. France said failure to act may spell the end of the UN itself.
About 400 people have been killed in the Eastern Ghouta enclave, near Damascus, in five days, activists say.
The UN body in New York is due to vote on the resolution on Friday at 11:00 local time.
Russia, one of five powers that can veto a resolution, is a key backer of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in the civil war. Western powers suspect that Moscow wants to give its ally time to deal a final blow to rebel forces.
The United States, the UK and France are calling for the resolution to be approved without delay.


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