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The State government has expressed concern over the gradual resurfacing of street trading in Urban Cities, which it says negates its Urban Renewal Programme.

In a release, government reminded street traders that thousands of shops have been built and are awaiting occupation at Ubomiri, Alaba and Naze Markets.

It adds that open shops have as well been constructed at these markets are awaiting effective occupation.

The release also advises shop owners to display their perishable and consumable wares within glass lockers for safety and health reasons and ensure that gutters are cleaned regularly, not only on clean up days.

Similarly, the State government says it will revoke land documents of any landlord/landlady who has connived with auto dealers against its directive for them to relocate to Avu in Owerri West Local government area.

In a release, the government also warns that it will impound and dispose off vehicles put up for sale anywhere outside Avu, explaining that acres of land have been allocated to dealers free of charge for their business.

The release also reveals plans of some of the dealers to move their vehicles to other plots of land around Poly junction Naze, which it has condemned as it negates its Urban Renewal Programme.


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