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The need for man to use the period of Christmas celebration to reconcile with his creator is stressed.
The Archbishop of Living Christ Mission Incorporated, Most Rev. Daddy Hezekiah stated this in his 2017 Christmas message.
The Archbishop said because man gives various interpretations to the meaning of Christmas that is why he makes resolutions that will remain futile, adding that Christmas cannot be celebrated without the celebrant, Jesus Christ in man’s mind.
He told Christians that the period should remind them who they are, how priceless they are and the position they occupy in the heart of God, who gave His only begotten son to be killed for their salvation.
Most Rev. Hezekiah stressed the need for man to have God in his life considering how dangerous the world has become, as the Devil, agents of darkness, the wicked and enemies of Righteousness are on rampage to steal, kill and destroy.
He urged Nigerians to be hopeful no matter what they are passing through and predicted that there must be a turn around in the year 2018.


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