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The crew of the UN aircraft that made a hard landing in Mali will be evacuated to the country’s capital of Bamako later on Tuesday, the Russian Embassy in Mali told Sputnik.

The plane, en route from Bamako to the Malian city of Gao, made a hard landing on Monday, resulting in injuries for all the people on board — four UN staffers and seven crew members.

“Those injured have received medical assistance in the airport.

“The crew will be taken to Bamako today,” the embassy said.

It explained that the Russian citizen, who had his leg broken due to the hard landing is currently in hospital.

“We have not discussed the reasons (of the incident) with Utair, as we are mainly interested in the health condition of the Russian citizens.

“We have not asked them about the reasons, as we assume it is their business and the business of their clients,” the embassy said.

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